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March 2015 Philanthropy

Women’s Voices Worldwide Inc.

Women’s Voices Worldwide, Inc. is a nonprofit organization located in Northampton, MA with the mission to promote social justice around the globe by educating women and girls to be powerful speakers in all areas of personal, academic, professional, and civic life.

Research shows that women are less likely to speak up in groups and more likely to be interrupted, challenged, dismissed, or labeled negatively when they do.

Through individual mentoring, workshops, discussion groups, summer camps, and public events, Women’s Voices Worldwide, Inc. supports women and girls in developing in the following areas:

Critical consciousness: Understanding the gender biases and other social inequities that influence women’s experiences as speakers and the costs associated with women’s silence

Conviction: Recognizing that your own voice has value and cultivating a commitment to use your voice

Courage: Developing a willingness to use your voice in the face of inhibition or fear

Creative Skills: Developing purposeful strategies that honor who you are and that achieve your unique aims in public speaking, group discussion, and interpersonal communication

Community: Finding strength and education through compassionate and encouraging relationships where everyone is simultaneously a teacher and student

Women’s Voices Worldwide, Inc. also works with people of all gender identities to change unjust conditions in order to create spaces that are more inclusive and welcoming of women’s voices and recently launched a blog called "Everybody's Voices" to provide an unbias platform for communication.

Founded in 2012, the organization has reached hundreds of women throughout Massachusetts and beyond, has provided programs for women in several villages in Bhutan, and is currently developing new programs to broaden its reach further, including new partners in the Republic of the Congo.


Also, mark your calendars for the 3rd Annual Celebration of Speech on Saturday, March 7, 2015 downtown Northampton in honor of International Women's Day!

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