ode boutique

December 2011 Philanthropy


When Eastside Grill sent out invitations for a "Your Friends are My Friends" Brunch benefiting WillPower, we decided it was time to take ode on the road for a mini fashion show. What's better than a room full of philanthropic women with mimosas in their hands?  Hosted by Maria Burke, founder of WillPower, the brunch was a great (and tasty) success. Dawn Cadigan won the "Best Friend of the Year" award--along with a $100 gift card to ode--for all her WillPowering. And because we believe in recognizing women who help build and serve the community, we gifted each and every beautiful bruncher with a $20 gift card to ode. For the month of December, ode will be donating 5% of profits to WillPower. Thanks to all you out there  making a difference. We raise our mimosas to you!

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