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August, September & October 2017 Philanthropy

United Way of Hampshire County

The United Way of Hampshire County believes that changing lives for the better requires the dedication of an entire community.

United Way of Hampshire County engages and inspires the people, employers and organizations of Hampshire County to give, advocate, and volunteer on behalf of our community. With a vision that all individuals and families have the tools and resources to reach their full potential through education, economic security and wellness. When a community is strong, all benefit.

Focusing efforts on three core areas that are foundational to strong communities and healthy lives:

Children & Youth: The youngest members of our community are often those who need us the most. Our network of diverse partners offer children and youth the support they need – emotionally, physically, socially and intellectually – as they grow and develop into our future leaders. 

Economic Security: For many in our community, economic hardship can result in having to make difficult choices. Whether to pay the rent or buy food, staying on public assistance or trying to access resources to get a better job and earn more income, sleeping on the street or in a shelter that accepts you and offers help, gaining skills that will result in one’s ability to sustain a solid economic footing.

Health & Safety: Sometimes our neighbors need an extra hand. A mother may need to take refuge from violence, a family may need help getting back on their feet after a disaster, an elderly person may need help with basic needs at home so that they can remain in the community.  These needs and so many more are met through our health and safety funding, where we support a network of providers who ensure that the most pressing health and safety needs of our community are met, in the short and long term.

Aside from sponsoring United Way Hampshire County for our Fashion with Compassion Program, Ode will be participating in Downtown Lives United Day.  On October 14, 2017 you can enjoy 20% off one item at our boutique when you shop with us while wearing your Lives United Day Button. To learn more about the event and how to purchase your button, visit https://uwhampshire.org/ 

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