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November 2013 Philanthropy

The Institute For The Musical Arts

Founded in 1987, The Institute for the Musical Arts (IMA) is a non-profit multicultural teaching, performing and recording facility with the mission of supporting women and girls in the field of music and music-related business.  Since 2002, IMA has offered a series of residential summer programs for girls and young women ages 9 to 22  designed to help them to find their authentic voice using the “rock band” as a vehicle to gain confidence in performance abilities, to improve musicianship and to develop collaborative leadership skills.   The most advanced program is a studio engineering and recording program which attracts and is designed for young women (most of whom have been in our other programs) who are on a music career-path trajectory.

“My daughter Sophie is who she is because of the Institute for the Musical Arts--a musician certainly  but more so, a confident young woman who believes in herself.”    Karen Rehmus, parent of IMA alumna

Those who go through the IMA programs emerge with the ability to enter a recording studio or performance space with the skills, the knowledge and the confidence to project their own voice and pursue their own dreams.

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