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February 2015 Philanthropy

Out Now

Out Now is a youth-led, adult-advised queer youth organization that works to promote harm reduction, self-determination, and community building through anti-oppression organizing.  Since 1995, Out Now has been the only LGBTQ youth organization in Springfield.  

Out Now originated as a weekly support group for LGTB youth from the greater Springfield area. There was one advisor and no more than five young people regularly attending weekly meetings held in a donated church space.  

Since then, Out Now has grown its youth membership, added advisors,and increased visibility, become a nonprofit, and now holds an important voice in the local movement for peace and justice.

As a small community organization that prioritizes individual and community empowerment, Out Now relies on the support of our local, regional, and national family.  Offering programs and workshops to the LGBTQ community such as Youth Leadership Training, Harm Reduction Education, a Drop-In Safe Space, and much more.

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