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July 2016 Philanthropy

North Star

For the month of June, Ode will be donating 5% of profits to North Star, which provides teens with a new way to approach learning, education, and life. Their focus is on the individual while supporting personal strengths and goals. 

This month, North Star is hosting Circus Smirkus, Vermont’s phenomenal traveling youth circus, July 14-16 in five shows under the big top at the 3 County Fairgrounds in Northampton.

It’s a race to make history as Circus Smirkus presents its 2016 Tour "Up, HUP and Away"! Their creative clowns, ambitious acrobats, and inventive aerialists relive the excitement and adventure of the age of discovery with The Invention of Flight... Strap on your goggles, release the throttle, and scoop up your tickets to the flight of a lifetime! Tickets are available at River Valley Co-op, A2Z Science and Learning Store, or online at smirkus.org.

Proceeds from these shows benefit the wonderful work of North Star, providing personalized learning experiences to Valley teens for 20 years!

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