ode boutique


The Wilds

Spring '12

A return to nature
And the collapse of our creature comforts
When vines and roots overgrow the concrete, and bricks, and mortar,
The Wilds will take hold.
                                                   -Liz Sandler

Imagine a post-apocalyptic world where your only chance for survival is a return to the wilderness. That's what we did when we created the looks for The WILDS. Our color-palette: bold, saturated hues against a backdrop of earth-tones. Nature-inspired prints and accessories combined with futuristic pieces—a structured blazer with a metallic finish, a deconstructed blouse—create stunning juxtapositions. A nod to our roots and a view of the future. We will survive...in style.

Model: Natashia M. Makeup: Jenessa Cintron. [Chattman Photography]