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Spirit Animal

Summer '14

If your Spirit Animal is HORSE: You’re like the love-child of a Tom Petty song and a romance novel featuring a ranch-hand and a rebel debutante. Wherever there’s wind, your hair is in it. Everest is merely a hill you have to hop over to get to the horizon. You know you could wear Indiana Jones’ hat much better than he ever could—that’s why you out-drank and arm-wrestled him for it. No one puts a harness on you, but they’re free to buy you leather accessories. Your legs look great in boots.

Model: Kristi H. and Harvey the horse
Makeup: Jenessa Cintron
​Styling: Kristin Kelly
Art: Scout Cuomo
Chattman Photography
Inspirations: Alexandra Valenti, Mara Hoffman, the spirit of the Horse, sunsets...and riding bareback into them.