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Auction for Action for The Women’s Fund and Time’s Up

May 17, 2018

With the help of you all, we did it again! Ode hosted its second annual Auction for Action, a silent auction featuring a curated selection of art, clothing, and accessories, all donated by beautifully generous and talented artists and designers whom we know and love. All proceeds this year go to TIME'S UP and THE WOMEN'S FUND OF WESTERN MASSACHUSETTS. The auction was our answer to the need for positive action in the face of the discrimination and inequality we are currently facing. Donna Haghighat, CEO of The Women's Fund of Western MA, spoke to the Fund's role in supporting and empowering women through micro-funding and leadership programs. Our launch party featured the swoony-crooning and musical flourishes of Kimaya Diggs, whose album Breastfed was recently released. Because of you, we raised over 9,000-, all of which will be donated directly to the fight for equality and female empowerment. Thank you!