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Artist Interview

The Kuhns

June 11, 2015

John and Noah Kuhn (father and son, respectively) have literally built Ode. John, Co-Founder and Senior Architect at Kuhn Riddle Architects, was the mastermind behind the entire physical design of Ode: exposed brick, big windows, high ceilings, and the spacious dressing rooms wherein the magic happens. Noah, President of PilotMade Web Development, built Ode's beautiful (if we do say so ourselves) website. The talent doesn't stop there. The Kuhns, builders and dreamers, also happen to be musical connoisseurs (co-creators of Burnmix, the elite online music club) AND musicians with a knack for harmony and ear for the subtle intricacies of sound. They will be performing at Ode with The Dire Honeys on Friday, June 12, 6-8pm. 

What has been your best concert experience…and what did you wear to it?
N: Could be Woodstock ’94, I don’t remember what I was wearing, but I know it was covered with mud. My dad held up a fence to sneak us in…
J: A place/venue, not a specific concert – Café au Go Go on Bleeker Street in NYC in the late 60s – saw groups like Grateful Dead, Country Joe & the Fish, Moby Grape and Blood Sweat and Tears there.  Closed in 1969.  Fillmore East would run a close second. Bellbottoms.

John and wife, Jeanie. Though not confirmed, John was most likely wearing bellbottoms at this time.

Would you rather a world with zombies or a world without music?
N: Zombies.
J: Zombies – definitely.

Fringe or flowers? Defend your answer.
N: Probably flowers, I don’t think I could pull off fringe…
J: Fringe.  See bellbottoms above.

If you could play an instrument that would replicate any one sound in the world, what sound would it make?
N: See above, a guitar specifically tuned to a frequency that would explode a zombie’s head.
J: Ocean waves crashing.

"This photo puts things in perspective for me when I feel life is tough. I’ve got it so easy..." -Noah Kuhn

What’s the name of your three-day festival?
N: This probably exists, but “Smoke on the Water".
J: Odestock.

Noah fishing, or "Smoke on the Water" 

What’s the first line of the last song you played?
N: “Just forget I ever said."
J: “You can get too old for the highway, but still be too young for the grave.”