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Artist Interview

The Dire Honeys

June 12, 2015

The Dire Honeys return to Ode! Like petticoats hiked up in a torrential rain, Mia Valentini and Vanessa Curby are not afraid of a little dirt. In fact, it's essential to their sweetness. The Dire Honeys play with a nod to Americana folk and blues, whilst adding their own wink and twang. Mandolin, banjo, flute, and fiddle...these ladies don't mess around. Their songs go right to the heart of things and run deep and strong. Like roots do.

What has been your best concert experience…and what did you wear to it?
M: Pokey La Farge, Green River Festival, I wore a navy jumper with white trim. I don't remember the shoes.
V: We played at the MFA in Boston, it was outside in a beautiful courtyard...and I wore a denim dress that made me feel like I was Anne Oakley  traversing the Oregon Trail. 

Would you rather a world with zombies or a world without music?
M: Zombies would f?<>@ suck.
V: Zombies for sure... Actually the first song I ever wrote in high school was a song about The Night of the Living Dead... Excellent inspiration Zombies.

Fringe or flowers? Defend your answer.
M: Flowers, you can eat them if you get hungry.
V: Can't do it... I chose Roger Daltrey in a flower crown. 

                                                                       Vanessa, veiled.                               

If you could play an instrument that would replicate any one sound in the world,
what sound would it make?

M: The deep bass of a bullfrog (singing the blues).
V: The sound of true love and star shine and maybe unicorn laughter... Sounds like a billboard chart topper.

                                                          Lock up your sons...Mia is here.

What’s the name of your three-day festival?
M: Lock Up Your Sons
V: Honey Honey Honey: 3 days of sugar, sun and song

What’s the first line of the last song you played?
M: "Boy you say I'm crazy."
V:  "You can change your mind listen."

                                                  The Dire Honeys, unedited