Day Tripping

Posted on April 19, 2016 by Kristin Kelly

Wherever your adventures take you -- make sure your comfortable. 

Clear Cut

Posted on April 14, 2016 by Kristin Kelly

The clear quartz drop necklace from Heather Hawkins and sterling spike studs from K/LLER Collection are a simple yet dynamic pair. 

Head In The Clouds

Posted on April 12, 2016 by Kristin Kelly

And dreaming of sunny days in the garden. 

Pick Your Rose

Posted on April 09, 2016 by Kristin Kelly

Find your shade and let it bloom. 

SmuttLab Sour Beer Tasting at Ode!

Posted on April 08, 2016 by Kristin Kelly

Smuttlabs does with beer what we like to do with fashion: experiment with different pallettes and have fun mixing things up. Sometimes, it gets a little wild...but in a good way. Join us tonight (Friday, April 8th) for a poetry reading, featuring Dora Malech and Sadie Dupuis, and enjoy sour beer tasting by New England's very own Smuttlabs. We asked Smuttlabs' "Tech" Jessica Rice, to tell us what each beer would wear to an Ode party. Here's what she said:

This is our classic, year round saison sour, she would wear the classic little black dress.


Mysterious and romantic, she would wear a flowing maxi dress.

She's fun, tart, and bold. She would wear anything with a bold graphic print.