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Window Design

Shipwrecked Wardrobe

June 13, 2013

INSPIRATION: Odette, Ode's adventurous regular, sets sail on a sunny June day, equipped with sunhat, dress just flowy enough to catch the breeze, and plenty of outfit changes to weather all weather. She checks the rigging. Turnbuckles and cotter pins in place, she points her boat into the wind, dividing the water into a pair of waves. Clouds darken, the ocean churns, and disaster strikes. But fear not. Odette has come prepared. She swims to shore, shakes off the storm, and sets up a make-shift home, complete with walk-in closet. She'll be saved, of course, in style. In the meantime, she'll make a runway of sticks and snakeskin. She's a survivor.

[Window Designer: Thea Price-Eckles]