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MUSE Series


January 22, 2013

We couldn't be happier to launch our Muse Series with artist/performer Haley Morgan, singer in the electro-pop duo, Home Body. With every encounter, Haley radiates animated energy and sparks of magic. Layering her powerful vocal melodies over the artfully arranged beats of Home Body's other half, Eric Hnatow, Haley delivers awe-inspiring performances. Home Body has had quite a busy 2012 touring the country and capturing hearts along the way. This year promises much more radiance and magic for Home Body, with the February release of their debut album, In Real Life, from Feeding Tube Records.

Haley Morgan

What has Home Body been up to this past year?
We’ve been very busy, for sure! We’ve played well over 100 shows in the past year, traveled 15,000 miles, and met hundreds of new beautiful people. We’ve produced two new music videos, released a 7” called Traps on the cool local label TinyRadars, and even scored a fashion show in a horse barn. We also recorded a whole new album, which we are very proud of. It’s super slick! It’s called In Real Life, and is coming out in the next couple weeks on Feeding Tube Records. It’s going to be available on CD as well as real, live vinyl. Yum! The new album was has guitars, bass, and drums on it in addition to our drum machines and synthesizers, so it has a cool moody rock-n-roll feel.

We feel extremely fortunate to be doing exactly what we want to be doing right now – making music together, traveling, and collaborating with other talented people.

Home Body performing at The Blockley in Philadelphia. photo credit : Cathy Poulton

Do you have any favorite stories from tour?
So many stories! But many of my most favorite moments of tour had to do with eating, ha! We brought all of our cooking supplies and our camp stove with us on tour and cooked most of our own meals, often at parks or rest stops. Not only did it save us a lot of money, but it was a brilliant way to stay grounded and healthy. When you’re on the move so much and sleeping in new places ever night, the little things we could do to retain control and comfort went a long way. Eric’s an awesome cook and would whip up the most amazing meals! Countless times we picnicked during the sunset, eating a hot gourmet meal while set up on our blanket in the middle of some beautiful field or along a shimmering lake…it was heavenly.

Photo from Haley's Instagram account

How is your stage style and your street style different/similar?
I have two main style objectives, both on and off the stage: comfort and surprise. Loose pants, ankle boots, oversized sweaters and lipstick are my day-to-day winter staples. I mix my looks up with strange or funky thrift store finds in an attempt to build outfits that feel timeless yet on the edge of something new. Performing with Home Body is a great excuse to wear anything I want! On stage, I like wearing jumpsuits because they are easy to move in and I’m able to build costumes on top of them. I’ve been really into building shoulder epaulettes out of tinsel, tulle, and string, which move well and catch the light as I dance on stage. I want my stage style to keep evolving and becoming more sculptural and outrageous, but maintaining a sexy and functional charm.

Both photos from Haley's Instagram account

What musicians/albums have influenced you the most?
The Eurythmics / Annie Lennox (Sweet Dreams, Live in Heaven), The Knife (Silent Shout, Deep Cuts), The B 52’s, Devo, Rabbit Rabbit, Bjork, Kate Bush (Hounds of Love, Lionheart), Melanie (Ballroom Streets), Jamiroquai (Virtual Insanity).

Photo from Instagram, for a stream of beautiful photos follow Haley @haleystorm

What were your favorite cities/venues to play this past year?
Some notables include playing The Bowery Ballroom in NYC, Higher Ground in Burlington, VT, and The Empty Bottle in Chicago. Opening up for Girl Talk at the Calvin in August was cool because we had six killer back up dancers. We’ve played some super memorable shows in Harrisburg, PA, Lowell, MA, Atlanta GA, Florida, and Grand Rapids, MI. We always love playing around Northampton best though because playing for and with our friends rules!

Eric and Haley on stage at The Calvin Theater preparing to open for Girl Talk

Whats next for Home Body?
We’re planning an epic record release party at The Elevens on Valentines Day, and will be performing with a full band and have many, many surprises up our sleeves. Can’t wait! We’ll be hitting the road again come springtime to do a three month US tour. We plan on making more music videos and collaborating with friends on bigger theatrical projects. We’d also love to tour Europe and work on a new album. After that, who knows! Home Body plans on living the dream in 2013!

Home Body will perform at Ode this Friday, January 25th from 6-8pm for an exclusive event for our Tribe Card holders.