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HOW-TO: Five Petal Origami Flower

May 9, 2013

Instructions for the five petal origami flower ball featured in out May window. Make smaller ones around the holidays as ornaments. Try using vintage magazines for folding!

1 - Start with a square of paper.
2 - Fold the square in half into a triangle.
3 - Fold the outside corners to meet the top corner creating a square.
4 - Open the inside edges (the seam running down the center of the square) and fold to meet the outside edges on both sides.
5/6 - Open and crease out the last fold you made creating a diamond shape.
7 - Repeat on both sides.
8 - Fold down the top corner of the diamond.
9 - Repeat on both sides.
10 - Fold outside edges in along previous fold line to return to a square shape.
11 - Repeat on both sides.
12 - Place double stick tape on flap.
13 - Fold over the other side and press closed (do not crease).
14 - Ta-da! You have made your first petal.
15 - Make four more for a total of five petals.
16 - Place tape on one side of each petal flush with the edge. Assemble all five petals together to make a beautiful flower!

If you would like to take this further, you can make twelve of these flowers and assemble them into a ball! Using different colored paper for each flower adds demension and interest. We only made half of one.