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Alison Advises: Plant Tips for Spring

April 22, 2018

In honor of Earth Day and our love for providing a place for all living things, we decided to sit down with Alison, our resident florist and plant guru, to give us her top tips and tricks to having the greenest thumb in your own personal space.  

I love the idea of making sure we are checking our plants all year long, but Spring is a great time to think about fertilizing, repotting, as well as taking cuttings and separating plants.  If you want your plants to be bold and beautiful, you have to dig deeper into the soil. I am going to share a few of my tips and tricks on how to display plants in containers throughout your house in an upcoming Ode Art Workshop (June 13 & 14), so be sure to join us!

Spring is a good time to take your houseplants outside. Once the temperature is warm enough, to give them a good wash and a sheltered but sunny day on your porch.  Your plants need to get some fresh air too!

Definitely think about fertilizing in the Spring, but be careful with indoor plants because they don't need as much as you may think.  Some indoor plants require very little fertilizer and some plant types require their own special formula. It's always best to check what your specific plant needs and start with a balanced fertilizer which you can always get from a great local garden store.  Usually, the 20/20/20 and 30/20/20 fertilizer varieties (the numbers correlate to nutrition values such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium) are what is recommended as a general guideline, but it is best to know your plants on a individual basis.

Repotting is always advised when you bring a new plant home but not always needed or necessary.  Some plants like overcrowded pots, some like going solo, so always check before you decide to repot (reference resources below for more info). One of the most important things with plant care and repotting is buying very high quality, organic soil.

Even though we are talking Spring, cuttings can be done throughout the year.  Plant cuttings are basically an easy way to multiply your plants! Some of the easiest plants to start with are Spider Plants, Wandering Jews, and Anthuriums. These varieties are great beginner plants as well.  Something I’ve learned this year is the easiest plants to grow are Bromeliads...did you know that they have pups (the pups are their babies that grow beside the mother plant in the same pot!). These pups are easily separated to make more fabulous potted Bromeliads for all over your house. But remember, if you have pets, always check when bringing a new plant into your home so that your fur babies are safe around them.

Alison’s Favorite Resources for Plant Tips, Necessities & Inspiration:

The Sill - NYC (www.thesill.com)
Hilton Carter (IG @hiltoncarter)
Jamie’s Jungle - London (IG @jamies_jungle)
Conservatory Archives London (https://www.conservatoryarchives.co.uk/)
Local Garden Stores: Andrew’s Greenhouse, Hadley Garden Center

Be sure to join us at the next Ode’s Art Workshop with Alison on June 13 & 14, where Alison will educate and guide us on creating a beautiful planters to decorate your home or patio. Stay tuned for more info!

Featured Look / MUSE Series

Tiny Anvil

March 9, 2016

We have just restocked local jewelry designer, Erin McNally's collection of brass earrings, bangles, and necklaces! Stop in to check out and try on her latest pieces. 

Featured Look / MUSE Series

All in the Details

March 7, 2016

It's always about the details. This look features a button down raw silk dress with frayed hem from Lacausa, suede braided cinched belt by Ulla Johnson, and brass and chain choker necklace from K/LLER Collection. 

Artist Interview / MUSE Series

Julie Hogan of JulieLillian

July 7, 2015

It is no surprise Julie Hogan works with crystals. She herself has a raw stone beauty about her: both natural and magical. Fire and fairydust. Her necklaces embody that same kind of exuding-from-the-core kind of beauty: crystals wrapped in leather and accented with beads and fringe. And no two are alike. She has created the perfect accoutrement for the free and spirited. Meet the crystal-in-the-rough designer, Julie Hogan.

1. If your crystals could speak, what would they say? 
They would encourage positive thinking and remind us to walk gently upon this Earth.

2. What inspired you to make jewelry? 
JulieLillian was born out of a desire to escape the mundane. My handmade jewelry and accessories are inspired by gypsy dreams and nomadic adventures.

3. If you could adorn any one person in the world with your jewelry, whom would it be and why?
Grace Potter.  I love her music and I love her style.  Grace, let's make it happen!

4. You own a time machine. To where/when do you travel? 
The 1970s.  I am a free spirit and a hippie at heart so it seems only fitting.

5. Leather or lace?
Leather and lace. A lace dress with one of my leather-bound stone necklaces is absolute perfection.  

6. What makes you smile?
Sunny days and the beautiful people in my life.

"This is a photo of my sisters and I watching the sun set over Rock Harbor.  They are two of the most beautiful and inspiring people you will ever meet." -Julie Hogan

MUSE Series

Muse: Alice Saunders

April 16, 2015

Meet Foresbound's Alice Saunders, our newest Muse/Artist/Archeologist of vintage canvas turned insanely cool totes. We had an hour to play dress up with her, resulting in some serious beauty. Read her interview here: http://www.odeboutique.com/blog/muse-alice-saunders-of-forestbound/.